Jalen Brunson Proposes Bold Solution To Fix The NBA All-Star Game


Gone are the days when the NBA All-Star Game was an exciting, thrilling and competitive game where All-Stars from two conferences battled like they had something to prove. Now, we have an event where players seemingly just don’t care anymore and just put up points for free.

With the recent All-Star Game looking more like a laid-back practice session without any defense, it has grabbed people’s attention and annoyed many. As it faces severe criticism for its lack of competitiveness, many are stepping forward with ideas and opinions on how to fix it.

Joining the discussion is New York Knicks All-Star Jalen Brunson. Experiencing the lack of competitiveness firsthand in his first All-Star Game, he suggests a potential fix by proposing that the winning team be awarded home-court advantage in the NBA Finals.

Per Sports Illustrated:


“I don’t know if baseball does it anymore, but the winner of the All-Star Game (could get) home-court advantage in the finals,” the point guard proposed on his podcast “Roommates,” co-hosting alongside fellow New York Knicks star Josh Hart. “That’s cool. I think that’s one way that could at least make it interesting in the fourth quarter.”


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