Isaiah Thomas Says ‘Cleveland Is A Shithole, Reason LeBron Left’

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

Isaiah Thomas Says ‘Cleveland Is A Shithole, Reason LeBron Left’


In last year’s NBA offseason, Isaiah Thomas was traded from the Boston Celtics to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Thomas was the heart and soul of the team and gave his absolute all for the franchise. The fan favorite identified with the Celtics like almost no other player has since Paul Pierce, and even played through injuries and personal tragedies.

Then, after coming back from injury, the Cavs-Thomas relationship only lasted 15 games. Thomas now said that he was surprised that the Cavs bailed on him so quickly. Overall, his time with the Cavaliers was a big misunderstanding from the very beginning.

Yesterday evening, Thomas went live on Instagram Live and said:


“Cleveland was a shithole. I see why Bron left — again.”


When he recognized that he might have made a mistake, criticising his former team, he apologized.


“Nah, Cleveland wasn’t that bad. I shouldn’t have said that. That was my fault. Cleveland was actually cool. It was all right. The situation just wasn’t the best, but I apologize for saying it was a shithole. It wasn’t an shithole. The team was dope, the players was filthy, my guy Geo, training staff was cold — nah, Cleveland was cool. I shouldn’t have said that. That was my bad. I was just talking on IG Live. I didn’t think it was gonna get to where they was posting this — posting it. It’s like damn, my bad.”


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