Is Paul George A Poor Fit For The Golden State Warriors? Stephen A. Smith Weighs In


With contract talks between Paul George and the Los Angeles Clippers stalling, speculation about George finding a new team is heating up.

The Golden State Warriors are one team mentioned as potential suitors for the 34-year-old star. After missing the playoffs last season and with Klay Thompson being a shell of his former self, the Warriors are likely looking for a better second option alongside Stephen Curry.

Stephen A. Smith, however, doesn’t support the idea of George joining the Warriors. He believes George’s playstyle could disrupt the Warriors’ rhythm and suggests that George would be better suited for a team like the Philadelphia 76ers or the New York Knicks.


“I just don’t view him as a catch and shoot guy. I view him as somebody that has the potential to disrupt their rhythm. He’s better suited for the Clippers. He’s better suited for Philadelphia. He would have been better suited for the New York Knicks to some degree, rather than Golden State. That’s just how I view it.” 


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