Is Klay Thompson Eyeing A Move To The Los Angeles Lakers? Stephen A. Smith Sheds Light


Even though Klay Thompson may be past his prime, he still remains one of the most intriguing free agents this offseason. Right now, there’s growing buzz that the Golden State Warriors sharpshooter could land with a new team.

The Orlando Magic have been the most frequently linked team for Thompson, and this rumor is sure to heat up even more when free agency opens up. However, the Los Angeles Lakers have also emerged as a viable option for the four-time NBA champion.

The Lakers not only align well with Thompson’s skillset but also offer a familiar environment. A Southern California native and the son of a former Laker, Thompson has a natural connection to the team.

Adding fuel to the fire, renowned NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith claims that Thompson would love to play for the Lakers.

Per Heavy Sports:


“Well, in a perfect world, Klay would love to be in Los Angeles,” Smith detailed in a June 17, 2024 episode of “First Take.” “We all know that. I’m talking about the Lakers. I mean, could you imagine?

“…No space, they can’t do it, but that’s where he’d love to be. But I’d say learn to like New York.”


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