Influencer Spotlight: Meet Buster Scher


In this new series, I want to feature fellow creators and social media influencers in the basketball world.

You might not know Buster Scher, but you’ve definitely seen plenty of stuff he’s done. Especially if you’re a basketball fan. From streaming live on a nightly basis to audiences of hundreds of thousands to running the Hoops Nation network, hosting shows and more.

I had the opportunity to meet up with him and talk a little bit about his life and his goals. Buster’s primary focus nowadays is building Hoops Nation out to its full potential across all the platforms that he deems “hot” including Instagram and Snapchat. He says ‘it’s because of his average age demo from Facebook (13-30)’, realizing that that audience is much bigger on those other platforms. Thus, as Buster normally does, completely switching focus to those and decreasing effort on the other platforms unless there’s “real value.” That generally is a constant with Buster – just paying attention to where the attention truly is.

His reach across his social media channels stays pretty steady at around 100 million impressions a week. With an frequent viral video bumping it all up a bit.

Interestingly, one of his more recent focuses has him headed in a somewhat different direction. It’s the focus on his personal brand. Himself as a personality, host, youtuber and social media personality. It explains the pushing of his Youtube and podcast in which he has gotten exclusives with Gunnar Peterson (Trains the Lakers/Kardashians) as well as Chris Brickley who had never done a podcast prior, despite numerous national outlets requesting to have him on. Scher says that it goes ‘hand in hand with his other focuses’, because he has been the public face behind the brand the entire time. Now, there are just more seperate places to find it.

His longterm goals revolve around choosing to skip college (for now at least) and continue working and growing, as well as getting some time back that he was loosing from being in school. He said that “team ##dunk” is a huge part of his plans as well. Not too much is out on it now, or that he could say at least… But with the audiences under that network including the likes of Dunk, HoopsNation & many others, it’s bound to be interesting.

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