Ime Udoka Is Already Calling Out Brad Stevens, And I Love It

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Ime Udoka Is Already Calling Out Brad Stevens, And I Love It


I don’t know if the Celtics thought about this when they promoted Brad Stevens, making this season’s head coach the General Manager, or if they were willing to live with these possible consequences.

The dynamic at least is kinda funny and has to potential to bring a lot of awkwardness along. Celtics new head coach, Ime Udoka has barley singed the contract and is already calling out Stevens. I mean it’s tough; you want to outline the things that didn’t work this past season in your eyes, in order to improve the team, when in reality last year’s coach, at whom the criticism is directed to, is your boss.

Udoka though doesn’t seem to care too much and went to work immediately – during his introductory press conference, he said:


“Sorry to mention this Brad, but 27th in assists last year, we want to have more team basketball there…”

 “You can’t coach everybody the same. What might motivate some, may embarrass others. It’s about finding a balance of knowing their personalities and how they want to be coached.”


But I think this actually is a great sign. I guess his boldness and his ability to not shy away from difficult, and potentially uncomfortable tasks is what got him the job in the first place. It’s still a bit awkward to witness from distance.


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