Icelandic Announcer Loses It Over Unreal Buzzer Beater


Icelandic Announcer Loses It Over Unreal Buzzer Beater


People from the northern regions of our planet usually are calm, reserved and temperate, at least when we believe the common stereotypes. Every football fan knows that this definitely isn’t true when it comes to sports.

The Icelandic fans impressed the European football world during the 2016 European Championships in France, and repeated their great fan performance at last year’s FIBA EuroBasket. Mostly their infamous viking clapping went viral.



But the fans aren’t the only ones to get crazily excited, but also the game announcers. The Icelandic basketball league is currently playing its playoffs and fans got to watch one of the craziest buzzer-beating game-winners in recent history.  This insane ending made the announcers go bonkers, repeatedley screaming into their mic.


‘Nei!’ ‘Nei!’ ‘Nei!’ ‘Nei!’ ‘Nei!’ ‘Nei!’ (which simply translates to ‘No!’)


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