Horace Grant Rips Michael Jordan And ‘The Last Dance’ Because Of Scottie Pippen Portrayal 

Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Horace Grant Rips Michael Jordan And ‘The Last Dance’ Because Of Scottie Pippen Portrayal 


‘The Last Dance’ may be finished, but the dramas and controversies around it are not. The documentary has achieved a massive success with stunning reviews and delightful responses from fans. But apparently, not everyone is happy with how it concluded.

As it turns out, critics believe that the film took too many details from Michael Jordan’s perspective and less of his teammates, to a degree that even Jordan’s best teammate Scottie Pippen looked worse and was painted differently during the series.

Horace Grant, the starting power forward for the Bulls during their first three-peat, has emerged as one of the main critics of the documentary. When Grant was asked about Pippen’s portrayal during an interview with ‘BetOnline’, the retired 54-year old forward called it ‘bullsh*t’.


“It was straight up bullsh*t. It was straight-up bullsh*t how they portrayed Scottie. Being the No. 2 on that team and how he came out in terms of against Utah, could barely walk, setting screens, getting knocked on the floor, the whole nine yards, and for them, that documentary, to call him…well, MJ called him selfish, that’s some BS. That’s straight up BS. If it wasn’t for Scottie Pippen there would be no six championships. I’m telling you right now guys.

The first championship I think MJ got in foul trouble against the Lakers and Magic. Who came to the rescue? No. 33. Scottie Pippen. Scottie Pippen. Yes, he made a mistake. We addressed that after the game. And then it was over with and we took the Knicks to seven games. My question is: How in the hell did that get on this documentary when MJ’s ass wasn’t even on the team?”




Grant has been critical with the documentary from the beginning. Recently, the former Bulls power forward called out Jordan for being a lying snitch in ‘The Last Dance’. 

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