Gucci Mane Lost Over $100K To Drake In Betting On NBA Playoffs

Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images/NBAE

Gucci Mane Lost Over $100K To Drake In Betting On NBA Playoffs


One can say that it was a pretty great time for Drake during this past season’s NBA playoffs.

Not only did his team, the Toronto Raptors, win the Championship for the first time in franchise history, he also made some big time money from fellow rapper, Gucci Mane.

Mane is from Milwaukee and since the Bucks were Toronto’s Eastern Conference Finals opponent, there obviously was some betting going on between the two. As you can imagine, Gucci lost these bets and while we don’t know how much exactly it was that he had to hand over to Drake, Gucci Mane implied the amount was well above $100,000. Mane didn’t only lose a lot of money, but also his Giannis jersey.


Gucci Mane: “Yeah I lost a bunch of money. I lost over six figures – and I lost my damn shirt. Because we bet the jersey, too… I literally lost my shirt.”

Jalen Rose: “Now you guys are getting real, real money. So when you say six figures, I take that as a lot higher than just $100,000…. $500,000?”

Gucci Mane: “Hey listen, it was over six figures. And I didn’t win, unfortunately. We’ll get him back this season.”


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