Goran Dragic Returns The Favor, Surprised Drazen Petrovic’s Mother On A TV Show

Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot / Planet TV

Goran Dragic Returns The Favor, Surprised Drazen Petrovic’s Mother On A TV Show


Yesterday, we reported that Biserka Petrovic, former NBA star Drazen Petrovic’s mother, gave Drazen’s New Jersey Nets jersey as a gift for Dragic. It was a very emotional moment for Dragic, because Petrovic was his idol when he was young and one of the reasons he started playing basketball. Throughout most of his career, he wore number 3 on his jersey, honoring the late, great Petrovic.

Now, Dragic himself surprised Petrovic’s mother as a special guest on a TV show, to thank her for the gift and to return the favor.

After the two greated themselves, Dragic asked her how she felt, Biserka Petrovic responded: (All the translations are by reddit user Rockness88)


“I’m fine, because you play so well. You’re the one who now continues his [Drazen Petrovic’s] work. Drazen said, if you don’t leave successors behind, you didn’t do anything. I’m happy and sad at the same time. This [Dragic’s jersey] will go to a special place in the [Drazen Petrovic] museum. Next to the Jordan and Curry shirts. They sent jerseys to Drazen, this one will go next to them.”


Dragic went on to explain why he wears #3.


“Drazen made this number magical. Since the begining of my NBA career I always wanted to wear the number 3. Unfortunately other players had it before me. When I got to Houston I had the number 3. Unfortunately in Miami number 3 belongs to Wade.”


Biserka Petrovic responded by explaining the origins of that magical number:


“Drazen was born in Sibenik, lived at Prodanovic street 3. It’s the house where there’s his museum now. Because of his street, his appartment, he took the number 3.”


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