Gilbert Arenas Thinks The Knicks Need A ‘Superstar Like Jalen Green Or Anthony Edwards’


The New York Knicks recently made a splash as the year 2023 drew to a close, acquiring defensive stalwart OG Anunoby, among others, from the Toronto Raptors. This deal involved trading away RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley and a 2024 second-round pick.

With the Knicks making a major move to bolster their lineup, discussions about the team’s structure and future direction have started to ramp up. Now, former Washington Wizards icon Gilbert Arenas has brought this topic into the limelight on his podcast, “Gil’s Arena.”

During a discussion about the Knicks on his podcast, Arenas, along with other participants, talked over whether star power forward Julius Randle should remain part of the Knicks’ long-term plans. Bearing this in mind, Arenas suggested that the team might fare better with a superstar like Jalen Green or Anthony Edwards.


“They have horrible research on what talent is… New York needs one first. They should be looking for a star. Period. I don’t give a f-ck who I gotta give up, I want a star. I want a Jalen Green, Edwards. I want a superstar, name first then I’m gonna build my team.”


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