Gilbert Arenas Reveals It Wasn’t Actually His Poop He Put In Andray Blatche’s Shoes 

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Gilbert Arenas Reveals It Wasn’t Actually His Poop He Put In Andray Blatche’s Shoes 


The dysfunctional and crazy Washington Wizards team from 10, 11 years ago that caused a lot of trouble, had some unbelievably great stories. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving. The more former players retire, the more stories are being revealed.

Pranking teammates is a given in every NBA (or other major sports) locker room, and if done right, it strengthens the bond between teammates. Some pranks are really funny, some never get shared and some, are just overboard.

One of these pranks (possibly) gone too far was the work of non other than Gilbert Arenas. After his teammate Blatche threw his clothes in the jacuzzi, Arenas’ revenge was pooping in Andray Blatche’s shoe. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. So we’ve thought. In an AMA session on NBA Reddit, Arenas now revealed that he didn’t actually sh*t in Blatche’s shoes, but used dog poop instead:


“Nah I didn’t take a sh*t, I grabbed dog sh*t. But I was clever in doing it. I took the sole out, smeared it, then put the sole on neatly. Then took baby powder — but that made him notice it.”


Why did Arenas go that far? Well, he came into the Wizards locker room finding all of his clothes inside the jacuzzi. 


“I came in the locker room, and I guess at the time it was DeShawn Stevenson and Antonio Daniels. I guess they cut [Blatche’s] suit up, though I don’t know what he did to them. But any prank that goes on in here, for some reason, I’m responsible.”

“So when I get here, all my clothes in my locker are in the jacuzzi, chilling. So I asked ‘what happened,’ and someone said, ‘Well, Andray threw all your stuff in the jacuzzi.’ And I’m like, ‘Why did Andray throw all his stuff in the jacuzzi,’ and he’s like ‘Oh no, you cut my suit up.’ And I was like ‘I just got here.’”

“‘Oh no, you have something to do with it,’ [he said]. So I was like ‘Alright, this is what we’re starting now? OK, I got you. I’ll see you tonight.’”


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