Gilbert Arenas Absolutely Destroys Jahlil Okafor

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Gilbert Arenas Absolutely Destroys Jahlil Okafor


Former NBA All Star Gilbert Arenas is know for ranting about current NBA players or topics.

His latest victim is Philadelphia big man Jahlil Okafor. Okafor is the odd man out on the ‘trust the process’ Philadelphia 76ers. He’s never really arrived in Philly and after a somewhat promising rookie season, his playing time dwindled by the week. It has come to a point where Okafor himself isn’t sure that he is part of the team anymore.


“I’m unsure if I’m still on the team. Am I really a part of this process? Am I really a part of this culture?”


Now Gilbert Arenas used this situation to blast Okafor on his Instagram page, and it isn’t pretty. Arenas wrote:


When they signed @joelembiid to that max deal, yo ass was like Michelle from destiny child “you are the weakest link #skedaddle” they about to Jackie moon yo ass…..breaking news:: Delaware 87ers announced they traded away they washing machine for center JAHLIL he punches in bunches OKAFOR OKAFOR OKAFOR 😬😂😂 bye bye first class HELLO greyhound 💯💯 #outofbounds


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