Gary Payton Reveals Story That Led To Him Having A Pair Of Shaquille O’Neal’s Underwear Framed At His House


Shaquille O’Neal and Gary Payton had two stints as teammates. One not so successful one with the Los Angeles Lakers, and one successful one as members of the Miami Heat.

During an appearance on VLAD TV, Payton revealed how a prank he pulled on Shaq resulted in a pair of O’Neal’s underwear being framed in his house.


“So I said, I gotta get him. So I got his drawers one day, and I took them and he had to wear underneath them underneath his thing and be freeballing all the time, right. But we messed up his pants, so he didn’t have no drawers because he was trying to find his drawers and I had them, you know what I’m saying. So he had to ride a towel around him and Shaq don’t care, he’ll go outside with the towel on, everything.”

“He was just doing all kinds of. He’d get in his truck, ride around the thing and then he’d throw the towel out and he’d be freeballing. So I used to keep all the shorts and pair of drawers and all that stuff.”


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