Felony Robbery – Ben Gordon Arrested For The 4th Time This Year

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Felony Robbery – Ben Gordon Arrested For The 4th Time This Year


Do you remember Ben Gordon? He became the first rookie in NBA history to win the Sixth Man Of The Year Award. He averaged over 20 points per game for two seasons. There was a time when he was deadly from three. He had games with 9 made threes and 45 points. He last played for the Orlando Magic during the 2014-15 season, but ever since he left Chicago in 2009, his career was going downhill. Last season, he played for the Texas Legends in the D-League, but his plan to be picked up by an NBA team failed.

Then, earlier this year, Ben Gordon was arrested, after freaking out at his apartment complex and pulling multiple fire alarms. A couple of months later came Ben Gordon’s 2nd arrest of the year. This time he had lost it completely and was hospitalized. He was sending threatening videos to people in the days before a violent standoff with a woman in his NY gym.

This past week, arrest number three. Gordon was driving was pulled over and found to have a forged license plate.

This brings us to yesterday, and arrest number 4! This time by far the most serious one; a felony robbery charge, as reported by USA Today.


LAPD public information officer Irma Mota said police officers arrived at 9:10 a.m. Saturday at a downtown Los Angeles apartment complex, where Gordon had been renting two apartments. According to the police report that Mota relayed by phone, Gordon confronted the apartment manager about returning his security deposit. After the manager advised Gordon that he did not have access to the deposit, Gordon punched the manager in the face. He left after the manager provided him with a portion of the security deposit.

Gordon returned shortly thereafter, again demanding the security deposit — and this time Gordon had a knife, according to the police report. After a witness intervened, Gordon left before being apprehended and arrested.

What a shame…

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