Everything You Need To Know From Last Night’s Games (12/25/2016)

Brian Spurlock / USA TODAY Sports

Brian Spurlock / USA TODAY Sports

Everything You Need To Know From Last Night’s Games (12/25/2016)


– The Christmas Day slate of games did not disappoint.

– The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors in the Finals rematch in an epic contest that had a playoff feel about it.

– The Warriors led for the entire game, but the Cavs took the advantage for just 42 seconds during the game and it was enough when it mattered most.

– KD finished with 36 points and 15 rebounds for Kevin Durant.

– Steph Curry really struggles on the night.

– Richard Jefferson dunks on Kevin Durant, then posterized Klay Thompson winding back the clock.

– Some massive plays from LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in clutch time was the difference

– James caught fire in the third period, draining 4 threes in the quarter.

– He finishes with 31 points and 13 rebounds.

– Kyrie Irving hit the game winner in a cold blooded turn around jumper in Thompson’s face to win the game.

– He finishes with 25 points, 10 assists and 7 steals in the contest.

– Huge win for the Cavs after fighting back from 14 points down in the 4th quarter.

– The Celtics and Knicks played out an entertaining one in New York.

– With the Knicks down 10 with 2.30 left in the fourth they found a way to level the game up on a Kristaps Porzingis three point play and Carmelo Anthony layup.

– The Knicks had momentum but a wing three from Marcus Smart out of a timeout won the game for the Celtics.

– Al Horford with a block on Porzingis to save the win.

– 29 for Carmelo, 27 for Isaiah Thomas.

– The Spurs and the Bulls was also an entertaining contest.

– After sprinting out of the gate and making what seemed like every shot they took, the Spurs took an early advantage,

– LaMarcus Aldridge started the game 11/11 from the field.

– The Bulls clawed their way back but the Klaw himself along with Alridge and co were too much for the Bulls at home in the last period.

– 33 for Aldridge, 25 and 10 boards for Kawhi Leonard.

– The Timberwolves and Thunder was relatively close throughout the game but a little too much of Russell Westbrook proved to be the difference on the night.

– Enez Kanter was big off the bench in the first half to keep the Thunder afloat which was huge for them.

– Westbrook doesn’t finish with a triple double, but pours on 31 points and dishes 15 assists.

– The Clippers face the Lakers without Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

– The Clippers led early through the excellent play of JJ Reddick, but the Clippers lost their sharpshooter due to a hamstring injury in the second half.

– The Lakers then had a ferocious third quarter and raced out to a near 20 point lead.

– The Clippers didn’t lie down though, and they fought their way back with the unlikely lineup of Austin Rivers, Mo Speights, Wes Johnson, Brandon Bass and Jamal Crawford.

– The gap was closed but a last push from Lou Williams, Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell lifted the Lakers to a much needed victory.



POINTS: Kevin Durant – 36
REBOUNDS: Kevin Durant – 15
ASSISTS: Russell Westbrook – 15
STEALS: Kyrie Irving – 7
BLOCKS: Kristaps Porzingis – 4

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