ESPN’s Jay Williams Doesn’t Believe Kawhi Wrote His Thank You Letter To Spurs Universe

Photo Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

ESPN’s Jay Williams Doesn’t Believe Kawhi Wrote His Thank You Letter To Spurs Universe


Earlier this summer, the Toronto Raptors have traded DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Pöltl and a 2019 first round pick to the San Antonio Spurs in exchange for Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green.

This finally marked the end of the Kawhi Leonard and San Antonio Spurs saga, which had definitely been one of the weirdest NBA stories in recent history. That is why there has been a lot of buzz around Kawhi this past season, for a lot of reasons. His stellar play, we’ve gotten used to, wasn’t part of it though.

Even though he was medically cleared, Leonard still chose to be out and went weeks without communicating with the team. In the playoffs, while other injured stars were attending their team’s games, supporting them from the sidelines, Leonard was nowhere to be seen. Then, after the season, Kawhi asked for a trade.

The situation was irreversible and the relationship between Leonard and the Spurs irreparable.

Now, a couple of weeks later, Kawhi finally broke silence a. In a letter submitted to the San Antonio Express-News, Leonard thanked the franchise, coach Gregg Popovich, his teammates, and Spurs fans.



While discussing the letter on air, ESPN’s Jay Williams said that he doesn’t believe Leonard wrote the letter.


“I honestly don’t feel like Kawhi wrote that. It’s like ‘hey team, let’s find some way to smooth this thing over.’ And we talk a lot about athletes being authentic to who they are… I don’t think that’s Kawhi. And almost, in a way, I wish he wouldn’t have said anything – because that’s who Kawhi is. He doesn’t really say anything. And that’s fine, just let your play prove or dictate how you feel on the court. But that wasn’t Kawhi.”


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