Enes Kanter Tells Kid To Burn His Kevin Durant Shirt

Photo Credit: Nate Billings, The Oklahoman

Enes Kanter Tells Kid To Burn His Kevin Durant Shirt


Enes Kanter has had a pretty good season for the New York Knicks, becoming a key part of their rotation. This led to Kanter opting into his contract for next season, rather than becoming a free agent. He has found a new home in the NBA, after being traded from his beloved Oklahoma City.

Kanter still watches as many Thunder games as possible and is in contact with some of his former teammates, who have become friends during his time in OKC. One player Kanter has a specifically great relationshio with is Russell Westbrook.

During an appearance on ‘The Herd’, Kanter explained to Colin Cowherd why Westbrook is the best possible teammate. This includes Westbrook catching him greeting one of the Warriors players (let’s be real, it was Kevin Durant), before the game, immediately flipping out.


“He started yelling at me, cussing at me, I said ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me,’”



Westbrook’s warning seemed to stick with Kanter, even all the way to New York City. While at his basketball camp, Kanter told a kid to go home to burn his Kevin Durant shirt. The kid smartly replied:


“If you give me a Westbrook jersey, I’ll change it…”


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