Edo-Ball: Basketball’s Most Amazing Art Prints

Edo-Ball: Basketball’s Most Amazing Art Prints


Edo—Ball is a series of artworks inspired by Basketball, Japan, NBA and Culture, designed by Andrew Archer. Each artwork is created from scratch and has a unique story behind it. Beautiful basketball art presented as museum quality prints on archival paper. All prints are available in the Japanese ‘Oban’ print size (10″ x 15″). The full collection of 14 artworks are available individually and as sets of 2 or 3.

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The Wolfpack

Winter is coming in the north and the Timberwolves have bred a new pack leader in Karl-Anthony Towns. Young, resilient and constantly earning more respect in the NBA hierarchy, KAT is ready to expand the packs territory.

While individual wolves have been able to overpower larger prey, their advantage is in collaborating with their pack. The pack uses their conditions and surroundings to their advantage and will look to venture over tough terrain in the west to make it to the promised land, the NBA playoffs.


The Splash Bros

Steph Curry & Klay Thompson are The Splash Brothers, the starting PG & SG duo of the Golden State Warriors. The Splash Brothers nickname refers to the duo’s ability to “splash” the net with the ball, particularly on three-point shots.

Arguably two of the greatest shooters of all-time, The Splash Brothers can make it rain from anywhere on the court. The shooting range, quickness of release and fundamentally sound shooting form makes them a tough cover for anyone.


The Dirkyro

Dirk Nowitzki in the 2011 NBA playoffs could not be stopped, he was possessed. Round after round of the playoffs he took his oppositions souls and left them as Ikiryō.

Ikiryō are the souls of still-living people which have left their bodies and move about on their own. Ikiryō commonly appear due to some intense emotion, trauma, or the lack of ability to guard a fadeaway jump shot.


The Durantula

The 2016 NBA season saw a new rivalry in the association. The Durantula and The Brodie were once a team, a force and very close to winning it all. Then it all changed.

The following season saw them facing each other as rivals, competing for trophies and ultimately getting it done in different ways. Durant won a championship, Westbrook won MVP, but this didn’t simmer the saltiness. The Warriors remain the champions but Westbrook has gathered a crew of samurai’s and is ready to challenge The Durantula again.


The Brodie

Russell Westbrook is The Brodie.

The real dude, the people’s man, the fashionista, the MVP, the man. Russ brings a unique vibe to every game and situation, wether it’s his record breaking triple-double season, his famous media interviews or just his loveable approach to life with the ’Why Not?’ mentality.

Here Russ channels his inner Brodie, flexing his Westbrook Frames while contemplating who to samurai next. Why not?


Shogun James

The Shōgun held absolute power throughout Japan for hundreds of years, with dominance comparable to that of a King.

Even though the Shogunate within Japan ended in 1868, a new Shogunate begun in the NBA in 2003 lead by Lebron James, who is still in power to this current day. Shōgun James has continually been the most powerful force within the association, dominating his 14 year career, proving year after year that there is still no general in the league who can take his place on the throne.


The Klaw

Kawaii! And Kawhi Leonard, a.k.a The Klaw. A two way player for the San Antonio Spurs who is known for his
defensive prowess.

Sporting a long wingspan and extremely large hands makes The Klaw a nuisance on the defensive end of the court. Kawhi is also the leader of the Cornrow Club, being one of the last NBA players to rock cornrows.


There are a lot more, check them out on https://www.edoball.com/!

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