Dwyane Wade Talks About Chris Paul’s Rumored Team Up With LeBron James In Los Angeles

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Dwyane Wade Talks About Chris Paul’s Rumored Team Up With LeBron James In Los Angeles

Both LeBron James and Chris Paul accomplished their own fair share of success this past season. LeBron got his fourth chip, while CP3, despite losing in the first round, managed to lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs and pushed the Houston Rockets to seven games.

Now, weeks after the conclusion of the 2020 season, rumors of Paul possibly joining the four-time NBA champion in Los Angeles Lakers keep piling up. Although it seems unlikely right now, basketball pundits and NBA fans are already contemplating the future. 

Dwyane Wade, who recently joined ESPN’s First Take, shared his thoughts regarding this rumor and what could possibly happen if these two high-cerebral players play together in the same team.


“If that moment ever happens, you’re putting some of the greatest basketball minds together,” he said. “You seen it this year. When LeBron and [Rajon] Rondo was on the court together. These are two of the smartest basketball players that will ever play the game of basketball, no matter what generation. It would be two of the smartest.

“You seen how they felt the game two, three steps ahead of the opponents. It’s not just about talent sometimes, it’s about [the mind]. Chris Paul has, he’s in that same conversation. I’ve always said LeBron, C.P. and Rondo are the smartest basketball players I’ve ever seen with mine own eyes and I’ve been around to be able to see.

“When you think about that, and you think about what Rondo and LeBron accomplished this year, when they was on the court together, when they wasn’t on the court together, how they made that team work. If you think about adding C.P. to that same kind of mix. I mean Jesus Christ, that’s domination.”


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