Dwight Howard Denies Assaulting Man He Met on Instagram, Claims Sexual Interactions Were Consensual


Former NBA star Dwight Howard has denied assaulting a man he met on Instagram and claims that all sexual interactions were consensual.

The allegations against Howard stem from a lawsuit filed in June 2023 by a man named Stephen Harper. Harper claims that he met Howard on Instagram in May 2021 and that the two exchanged sexually explicit messages before meeting in person later that month.

Harper stated that Howard invited him to his home and that when he arrived, Howard asked him if he would be open to having a threesome. Harper says that he declined, but that Howard pressured him into engaging in sexual activity with another man.

Harper also claims that Howard sexually assaulted him. Howard has denied all of the allegations against him. In a statement released through his attorney, the former All-Star said that he met Harper on Instagram and that the two did have sexual interactions, but that all of the interactions were consensual.

Howard’s attorney also said that Howard has been the victim of extortion and that Harper has threatened to release sexually explicit photos and videos of Howard unless he pays him money.

The lawsuit against Howard is still pending, and it is unclear when it will go to trial.

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