Dwane Casey’s Powerful Message On Protests Following The Murder Of George Floyd

Photo Credit: Darren Abate, AP

Dwane Casey’s Powerful Message On Protests Following The Murder Of George Floyd


Detroit Pistons head coach, Dwane Casey has always been one of the more vocal people in the NBA. This thankfully hasn’t changed now, when it is most important to speak up.

Following the murder of George Floyd, Casey perfectly reflected how frightful the entire situation is.

Casey, who grew up in 1960s Kentucky, had horrible experiences with racism. In a powerful message, Casey stated that he can relate to the people who have the same feelings now.


“I can remember exactly how I felt as an eight-year-old child. I felt helpless. I felt as if I was neither seen, nor heard, nor understood. As I have watched the events unfold in the days following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a city where I coached and once called home, I see how many people continue to feel those same feelings — helpless, frustrated, invisible, angry.

I understand the outrage because it seems the list continues to grow: Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd. The injustices continue to mount and nothing seems to be changing.

Fifty-four years later, my son in now eight years olden I look at the world he is growing up in and wonder, how much has really changed? How often is he judged on sight? Is he growing up in a world where he is seen, and heard, and understood? Does he feel helpless? Will he be treated like George Floyd or Ahmaud Abrey? What have we really done in the last 54 years to make his eight-year-old world better than mine was? We all have to be and do better.”


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