Draymond Green References Russell Westbrook In Stephen Curry’s MVP Case

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

Draymond Green References Russell Westbrook In Stephen Curry’s MVP Case


Stephen Curry has been an MVP-caliber player this season, but winning this year’s MVP sounds like a long shot for the Golden State Warriors superstar. The main reason is because his team hasn’t won enough to warrant him being the MVP.

The MVP award is usually given to the best player among the best teams in the NBA, but it’s also worth noting that there have been a few instances where a player won the MVP while sitting on a lower-seeded team, and the recent one being Russell Westbrook in 2017 when the Oklahoma City Thunder finished with the sixth seed in the Western Conference.

With Steph’s case mainly being weighted on team record and seeding, Draymond Green came out with a statement, citing Westbrook’s MVP season as an argument for Steph as the MVP this season.

Per Yahoo Sports:


“If I’m not mistaken, Russell Westbrook won MVP [in 2016-17] and they were the seventh or eighth seed,” Draymond said to Sam Amick of The Athletic. “There’s no rule that says you can’t be an eighth seed and win the MVP because Russ has done it.”

“I had no problem with him winning the MVP because I actually thought he f–king deserved it,” Draymond added. “That OKC team he was on was horses–t. Complete horses–t. And he carried that team to the playoffs while going out and averaging a triple double, completely destroying every team that he played against.

“I thought he deserved to be the MVP. Why? Because he was so valuable to that team that he got that team to the playoffs while averaging a triple double. You’re damn right he deserved to be the MVP.”


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