Doc Rivers Says Ben Simmons Deserves A Tribute Video From The Sixers

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Doc Rivers Says Ben Simmons Deserves A Tribute Video From The Sixers


Last month, the Ben Simmons-Philadelphia 76ers saga finally ended and both parties involved were granted a fresh new start.

The Sixers with NBA superstar James Harden, and Ben Simmons in Brooklyn alongside Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Before that, Ben Simmons hadn’t participated in a Sixers game since Game 7 of the second-round series against the Atlanta Hawks in the previous 2021 NBA playoffs. 

After a hampered trade demand and failure to cooperate with the team during practices and meetings early in the season, Simmons has shifted his focus on working on his mental health and cited this as one of the reasons why he did not intend to appear in a Sixers game.

In two days, on March 10, the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets will match up for the first time since the trade and tensions are already high.

Unfortunately for Sixers fans, they won’t have the chance to boo their former point guard, as Simmons, who’s nearing a return, won’t play in the game.

While Simmons definitely is the scapegoat for Philly fans, his former coach Doc Rivers still appreciates what he has done for the team in all the years and suggested that Simmons should receive a tribute video for the good things he did in Philadelphia:


“Ben did a lot of good things here. It didn’t end well. Just like marriages and all kinds of other things don’t end well. But Ben did a lot of good things here. So I didn’t know if we are or not but if we did, I’d have no issues with it.”


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