Delonte West Lands Flooring Job After Panhandling In Streets

Delonte West Lands Flooring Job After Panhandling In Streets


After Delonte West was spotted on the streets of Dallas again in September 2020, holding a sign asking people for money, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban went actively looking for West, found him and picked him up at a Dallas gas station in an attempt to help his former player get his life back on track.

Cuban took West to a local hotel and offered to pay for his treatment, something West agreed to, as went to rehab in Florida, and eventually appeared to be back to his normal self.

Unfortunately though, West then was arrested again in Boynton Beach, Florida, this past October. He appeared to be banging on the doors of the police station while yelling profanity with an open can of beer and a bottle of vodka.

West has had issues with mental health and drug addiction in recent years. In September of 2020, he was checked into rehab with the help of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban after footages of him begging for money on the streets made rounds on social media.

Just weeks ago, West drew the attention of many NBA fans once again after he was seen panhandling on the streets in Alexandria, Virginia. The brief video of him immediately went viral and caused many to wonder about the former NBA guard.



Upon seeing this video, a local Subaru dealership wanted to help West out, which has led to him landing a flooring job.

Per TMZ:


“We’re told the team at the Beyer Subaru car dealership in Alexandria, Virginia saw the stories about West and noticed he had been asking for money nearby … so they put their heads together to figure out a way to help him earn some dough.

As it turns out, the dealership is currently getting some floor work done … so they asked the company in charge of the project if West could lend a hand.

We’re told the flooring company was thrilled to have the extra help … and West has been working with them for the past two days — and doing a great job!!”


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