Dell Curry Recalls Asking Warriors And Wolves To NOT Draft Stephen Curry At Draft Night In Order To Become Knick


On a pivotal night in 2009, the NBA Draft unfolded with tension and anticipation. Among the many stories of that night, one stands out for its emotional weight and the potential it held for altering the course of basketball history.

Dell Curry, father of future NBA superstar Stephen Curry, found himself in a nerve-wracking situation. As the Golden State Warriors were set to make their pick at No. 7 overall, Dell had a candid conversation with then-Warriors coach Don Nelson. He expressed his desire for his son to be drafted by the New York Knicks, who were picking at No. 8. 

But Dell didn’t stop at the Warriors, he also told the Timberwolves to not draft his son.

Per Heat Check with Stephen and Dell Curry:


“So draft day, we’re in New York, I get a call from [ex-Warriors coach] Don Nelson,” Dell said. “He says, ‘Dell, you got a problem if we select Steph at No. 7? I said, ‘Yes, I do.’ He’s like, ‘What?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, we want him in New York.’ We talk for five or 10 minutes. He’s like, ‘Well if he’s there, we’re going to take him anyway.’ I’m like,’ It’s your choice. You asked me for my opinion, I gave it to you.’ 

I’m glad he [picked Steph]. It all worked out.”

“…I got a call from Minnesota as well, asking about drafting [Steph]. I told them, ‘Please don’t. Please don’t.’ It was [ex-Timberwolves assistant coach] J. B. Bickerstaff. They said, ‘OK, we won’t.'”


The conversation was intense and revealing. Dell’s plea was clear: he wanted Steph in New York. However, Nelson was resolute in his decision to draft Steph for the Warriors, regardless of Dell’s preference. This moment encapsulated the father’s hopes and the team’s vision for their future.

Ultimately, the Warriors’ choice proved to be a masterstroke. Stephen Curry went on to become the greatest shooter in NBA history, leading Golden State to multiple championships and revolutionizing the game with his unique skill set.


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