Dear Russell – A Letter To Russell Westbrook


Dear Russell – A Letter To Russell Westbrook


Dear Russell,

Thank you. Thank you for taking action, thank you for taking a stance on what is right. I was so happy hearing the news. This has nothing to do with basketball anymore, but rather, revealing who people truly are as a human beings. Thank you for signing your extension, it means more than you realize.

You know, I have many friends in Oklahoma. You could have imagined how they were when they saw this all unfolding before them. It was only a couple of months ago they were over the moon after taking out the Spurs and a game away from taking down the Warriors and reaching the Finals. What has transpired since has really tested them, its been rough.

I remember Steve, a friend of mine saying to me, “I can’t believe we have become a lottery team in the space of 48 hours”, after the departure of Serge Ibaka and then shockingly Kevin Durant. I said to him “You still have Russell, it’s going to be ok”, he looked at me like all hope was lost and said, “Russell will go now as well”. You’ve now given them a reason to believe again. To hope, to dream.

I had faith, and you made so many people happy with your decision. You could have easily chosen a more attractive destination to live, or you could have been rightly selfish, and squeezed every penny from another franchise, but you didn’t. You remembered the struggles you’ve been through, the good times, the bad times, and you remembered who was ALWAYS there for you no matter what, the city of Oklahoma, and their fans.

You said that loyalty meant something to you, and this shows it really does. It displays that you don’t see basketball as just a business, but so much more than that especially with your fans.

In a lot of ways, I’m actually happy this has happened. Whenever KD went down injured and you carried that team by putting up absolutely unbelievable numbers people used to say, “imagine he had his own team”, and you do now. You now have the chance to be the main guy and sacrifice for no one like you’ve done for a large chunk of your prime. I remember reading a tweet from Blazers guard CJ Mcollum after the news that Kevin was leaving to Golden State, it read; “Westbrook about to average a triple double with 30”. I immediately thought the same thing. Excitement and anticipation filled me.

You don’t need anything to fuel your fire, because you have heart unlike most that take to the floor every night. But now, you also have a motivation unlike anyone ever could. With the world wanting you to succeed, you have no fear, no expectation, just the ability to let your game do all the talking. I’m happy with the acquisitions the Thunder made now in hindsight, and I do believe with a monster effort on your part you could lift them to the playoffs.

I know it won’t be easy, but it’s going to be amazing seeing you leaving it all out there night in and night out, trying to make it happen.

Thank you Russell, you now have your own team. Continue to shine, be great and display why you are truly a beast in this league.

We will enjoy watching.

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