Dear Paul Pierce – A Letter To Paul Pierce

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Dear Paul Pierce – A Letter To Paul Pierce


The Clippers fell down today and it has seen an end to your illustrious career. I was reading the quotes by Chris Paul saying he turned to you during a timeout against the Jazz on the road in Game 6 and told you your career is not ending in Utah, and I was so happy it didn’t. I wanted you to have your final game in front of all your friends and family, the people that were there for you your entire career.

Kids growing up today will never know who you were, or how good you were. I was disgusted about the disrespect Draymond Green was throwing at you earlier this season, for me, it displayed the lack of appreciation and recognition you deserved. Little did he know, you would have given him the business during your prime, he would have had no answer for you.

I remember the days in Boston, how could anyone forget the days in Boston. That 2008 team is still one of my favorite teams of all time. A prime Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and you, just unbelievable talent and those series with the Lakers were extraordinary. You’re without doubt a top three Celtics player of all-time, and your reception this season on the road in Boston was brilliant, those fans adored you and rightly so. You retire with a Finals MVP trophy on your resume, and not many players can say that.

You seemed to play in slow motion, but scoring the ball was so effortless for you. You did it in every way, the jumpers, the three-pointers, the foul line, the isolation, and the turnarounds, offensively you had it all.

It was truly and honor watching you torch opponents every night during your prime, I’ll never forget it as it was a big part of my childhood. There weren’t many better offensively, and I thank you for all the memories throughout the years.

You’re definitely one of the last of a dying breed that people like me in our twenties can remember balling out of their mind when we were growing up.

It was an absolute pleasure watching you Paul, I’m proud to say I watched the THE TRUTH go to work, and what a career it was.

Thank you, and good luck.


Tonight could be Paul Pierce's last NBA game. He was such a beast….FreddyFlint

Posted by Open Court on Freitag, 28. April 2017

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