Davis Bertans Reacts To Being Waived By Hornets Mid-Game While Playing For Latvia In Olympic Qualifyer


Charlotte Hornets forward Davis Bertans learned of his release mid-game while representing Latvia in the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament. News broke during Latvia’s crucial semifinal victory over Cameroon that the Hornets were waiving Bertans, a move met with a nonchalant response from the sharpshooter.

Following Latvia’s dominant win, Bertans addressed the situation with reporters. While acknowledging the news, his focus remained firmly on the national team.


“All I can say is I really don’t care right now,” Bertans said with a smile, according to Sports Illustrated. “My main focus is right here with this jersey on.”



This response highlights Bertans’ commitment to his national team and his determination to secure a spot in the Olympics for Latvia. The timing, however, couldn’t be more unusual. Being released by an NBA team while playing for your country in a high-pressure tournament is certainly a unique experience.

The Hornets’ decision to waive Bertans raises questions about his future in the NBA. While details surrounding the release haven’t been fully disclosed, it suggests the team wasn’t satisfied with his performance or his fit within their system.

For Bertans, the immediate concern lies with helping Latvia secure their Olympic berth. However, once the tournament concludes, he’ll need to navigate free agency and find a new NBA home. Whether another team is willing to take a chance on him remains to be seen.

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