Mo Pete’s Miracle At The Buzzer


Mo Pete’s Miracle At The Buzzer

On March 30, 2007, Toronto was playing against the Wizards in a game in which both teams were battling for playoff seeding. The Toronto Raptors were trailing the Washington Wizards 109–106 with 3.8 seconds left. After not having played for a single minute until this point, Peterson was subbed into the game. Anthony Parker threw the inbound pass down the court, only to have it intercepted by Michael Ruffin. Ruffin tossed the ball up in an attempt to run out the clock, only to have it fall into Morris Peterson’s hands. He quickly threw a desperation 3 from 31 feet out and hit it, barely beating the buzzer and tying the game at 109. The Raptors won in OT, 123–118.

Onions baby, onions…



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