Damian Lillard On What It’s Like To Have Carmelo Anthony On The Team

Photo Credit: Bruce Ely / Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard On What It’s Like To Have Carmelo Anthony On The Team


After a rough year in Oklahoma City, Anthony was traded to the Atlanta Hawks in a three-way deal, but never played a minute for the Hawks, and was bought out of his contract. Houston then signed him and was hopeful that he could improve their team.

That only lasted a couple of weeks, before Carmelo Anthony’s services were no longer required in Houston. He was the easy scapegoat for how subpar and dysfunctional the Rockets were. Then, the Portland Trail Blazers finally gave Melo a chance this season, a chance Melo took full advantage of.

Anthony’s performances have helped the Blazers to improve after an awful start to the season, and his teammate, Damian Lillard now revealed what it is like to have Melo on the team, and how he’s helped the Blazers to improve.


“His presence has been huge in the locker room, having another voice, another guy to speak up that people respect. When we on the floor, other teams respect him being out there. I think the balance that he’s giving us on the floor and off the floor has been great. It’s been a joy to have him on our team. The legend that he is.”


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