Dallas Mavericks To Retire Dirk Nowitzki’s Jersey Early Next Season

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ron Jenkins

Dallas Mavericks To Retire Dirk Nowitzki’s Jersey Early Next Season


Dirk Nowitzki was one of the realest dudes in this league!

Over his 21 years with the team, Dirk Nowitzki became the greatest player in Dallas’ history and will forever remain a Maverick. Whenever Dirk was a free agent, he was wating for free agency to be almost over, in order to set his salary accordingly. He sacrificed a lot of money, simply because he wanted to play with a competitive roster. 2006’s most valuable player was basically paying other players’ salaries (Parsons, Chandler etc…) out of his own pocket.

The bond and trust Cuban and Dirk shared is something we might never see again in the NBA. But being such a devoted player, also gave Dirk the permission to say and do stuff nobody else would be allowed to. It is for certain that Dirk will forever remain part of the Mavs organization, and eventually start working for the franchise again (in whatever position).

It was obvious that the Mavericks will retire the jersey of the franchise’s best player, and now we’ve got a timeframe.

During an appearance on The Ben & Skin Show, Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban revealed that the organization will retire Dirk’s #41 jersey early next season.

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