Controversial Ending In Sacramento


Controversial Ending In Sacramento


After a very long review, officials ruled that Terrence Ross’ game-tying-buzzer-beating-overtime-forcing 3-pointer did not count. Officials ruled that DeMarcus Cousins tipped the ball, causing the game clock not to start on time. Since the clock didn’t start on time, Ross’ shot was ruled ineligible. BUT: They’re wrong! I still can’t understand how they waived that shot off after watching it numerous times while talking to the guys at the replay center in New Jersey.

There is nothing wrong with the DeMarcus Cousins statement, yet you’ll see, after watching it a few times, that the clock therefore started 0.3 seconds late. The ball left Ross’ hands with 0.5 seconds left to play. A difference of 0.2 seconds. He had enough time to make the shot. 

Even if there hadn’t been enough time for Ross to get off the shot, yes, the clock should have started. However, there is absolutely no way this should have been overturned. You can’t predict what would have happened. Horrible call by all officials involved – on the court as well as in Jersey.

When subjectivity is in play and you have to give the benefit of the doubt to someone, respect the game and give it to the player who made the play on the court.



Dwane Casey was furious, smashing his clipboard in anger.



The GameTime crew discusses what went down at the end of the game between the Raptors and the Kings, too.


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