Congratulations To Dion Waiters Who Already Is A 2020 NBA Champion

Pic: En24 News

Congratulations To Dion Waiters Who Already Is A 2020 NBA Champion


While the 2020 NBA Finals haven’t even started yet, there’s still one man who can already call himself 2020 NBA Champion.

This man is none other than Dion Waiters. You see, the 4th pick of the 2012 NBA Draft started this season as a member of the Miami Heat. Even though the guard was suspended more often than he wasn’t, he still managed to play a couple of games for the Eastern Conference Champions, before being traded to the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Grizzlies though waived him, before the Los Angeles Lakers would then pick him up. Having played for both Finals contestants, Butler can now add the gold to go with his (at times) huge ego. Low self-esteem has never been a problem for Dion Waiters, although his NBA career has been very strange so far, to say the least.

Starting off very promising in his first two years with Cleveland, Waiters had his career gotten derailed a bit in recent years, not least due to ongoing injuries. He has suffered never-ending sprained ankle and knee problems, and just when he was ready to make a proper comeback, he sabotaged himself over and over again by misbehaving and therefore getting suspended (eating weed infused gummies, calling in sick but posting pictures of himself on a yacht, shooting whenever he’s got the ball).

But now, Waiters can call himself a 2020 NBA Champion, even though it’s hard to believe the Heat would grant him a ring if the Lakers lost the NBA Finals.

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