Coaching Legend Svetislav Pesic’s Bold Claim: 2024 Team USA Outshines The Dream Team


Svetislav Pesic, coach of Serbia’s national team and mentor to NBA star Nikola Jokic, has made a bold assertion: the 2024 Olympic team from the United States is superior to the legendary 1992 Dream Team.

Pesic, who also was a coach in 1992, drew on his extensive experience to make this comparison. The Dream Team, which included basketball icons like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, is widely regarded as one of the greatest teams in sports history. However, Pesic’s claim places this year’s squad, featuring superstars such as LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard, in an even higher echelon.


“This American team is better than the original Dream Team from 1992,” Pesic said, per Mozzart Sport. Although we don’t deal with them and I won’t talk to my players about them.

I was there with the German team and then we thought there were no better players than these. this team that will appear in Paris will be stronger than the Dream Team, with the fact that not everyone will prepare just for them like not everyone was prepared just for the Dream Team in 1992. Although everyone wanted to take a picture with them. We don’t want that now.”


Despite the controversy his statement has sparked among fans and analysts alike, Pesic remains focused on his own team’s performance. He emphasizes that his comments are not meant to diminish the achievements of the Dream Team but rather to highlight the exceptional talent and potential of the current Olympic team.

As the world eagerly anticipates the upcoming Olympics, all eyes will be on Team USA to see if they can live up to the early hype and truly rival the legendary Dream Team. With Pesic’s endorsement, it seems that this year’s team has a lot to prove on the international stage.

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