Chris Webber Produced Songs For Rap Legend Nas While He Was In The NBA


Former NBA star Chris Webber, who played for teams such as the Golden State Warriors, the Washington Wizards, and the Sacramento Kings, also is a skilled music producer who has a passion for hip-hop.

His discography incredibly includes some beats he produced for Nas, all that, while still playing hin the NBA.

The basketball Hall of Famers has produced the tracks ‘Surviving the Times’ and ‘Blunt Ashes’ on Nas’s 2006 album, Hip Hop Is Dead.

Webber met Nas through a mutual friend and admired his rhymes. He shared some of his beats with Nas, who liked them and decided to use them on his album. Webber said that it was one of the biggest accomplishments of his life and that he was proud to be part of hip-hop history.

Webber learned how to make beats from DJ Kay Gee of Naughty By Nature, who was a sports fan and a friend of Webber. Webber would visit Kay Gee’s house in New Jersey and learn from him.


“I would just go to his house in [New] Jersey every summer, man,” he began. “Shout-out to his parents, his family they would just let me stay there. He had a studio. I mean I could stay there for days. No one come bother you. In that time, I learned how to make beats.

“It just takes you where you meet a couple people that you like-minded. Nas, he was somebody I admired from afar. I loved his rhymes. We became close. He was just hearing some beats and he was like, ‘Yo, put that on.’”


Webber also had a home studio where he would practice and experiment with different sounds and samples.


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