Charles Barkley Made Brutal LinkedIn Joke Amid ‘Inside The NBA’s’ Future Being At Risk


As the iconic ‘Inside the NBA’ faces an uncertain future, Charles Barkley brings a touch of humor to the tension. The beloved sports studio show, which has been a staple of TNT’s NBA coverage, is at risk as the network’s broadcast rights are set to expire and a potential takeover by NBC looms.

Amidst the serious discussions and concerns over the show’s continuity, Barkley, known for his quick wit and sharp humor, made a light-hearted joke that cut through the somber atmosphere. During a recent broadcast, as Ernie Johnson discussed the NBA’s upcoming awards schedule, Barkley quipped about needing to update his LinkedIn profile, suggesting he might be job-hunting soon.

The joke, which was met with laughter from co-host Kenny Smith, highlights Barkley’s comedic approach to the situation.


“Wait, 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon? We’re not doing that, are we? Because I’m going to be on LinkedIn tomorrow afternoon,” Barkley joked, referencing the time of the awards announcement.



This isn’t the first time Barkley has used humor to address the show’s precarious position. As negotiations continue and the possibility of ‘Inside the NBA’ ending becomes more tangible, Barkley’s jests have provided a sense of camaraderie and resilience among the crew.

The uncertainty stems from the NBA’s media rights switching from Warner Bros. to NBC Universal, with Comcast reportedly willing to pay a hefty sum to acquire the rights currently held by TNT. This shift could mark the end of an era for ‘Inside the NBA’ and its unique blend of analysis, banter, and entertainment that fans have come to love.

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