Charles Barkley Drops Strong Opinion On Kevin Durant’s Legacy, Kevin Durant Hits Back

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images


Charles Barkley has never been one to bite his tongue. The Hall of Famer recently sat down with Stephen A. Smith to discuss Kevin Durant’s legacy following his trade to the Phoenix Suns. Like many other people, Barkley has been critical of the former league MVP.

Durant is undeniably one of the best players of all-time with a resume that includes two championships and two Finals MVPs. With that said, Durant catches plenty of flak for forming star-studded teams throughout his career and not winning a ring outside of his stint with the Golden State Warriors.

Barkley now said that he believes Durant has to win a title with the Phoenix Suns and prove that he can win without Stephen Curry to earn the old heads’ respect. Barkley also referenced LeBron James and Kobe Bryant while making his point.


“Kevin gets mad at me when I point this out but if you go back and look at LeBron, [LeBron] says, ‘I had to win a championship without D-Wade to get old heads’ respect.’ Kobe Bryant says, ‘I have to win a championship without Shaq to get these old heads off my back.’ I hold Kevin Durant to the same criteria,” Barkley said.


Not too long, Durant caught the wind of Barkley’s comments and got back to him with a statement on Twitter. According to the current Phoenix Suns superstar, he doesn’t remember LeBron saying such things while asking for the source of the said quote.


“I don’t remember bron saying this…somebody link me to the article,” Durant on Twitter.


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