Charles Barkley And Draymond Green Discussed Their Issues, Relationship & Are No Longer Beefing

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Charles Barkley And Draymond Green Discussed Their Issues, Relationship & Are No Longer Beefing


Draymond Green and Charles Barkley have been in an ongoing beef for years now, and the most recent eruptions made us believe that it certainly won’t end anytime soon.

Barkley has been making fun of Green on Inside the NBA all season long, for averaging a “triple single”. Green responded taking numerous shots at the Hall of Famer, saying that Barkley wasn’t good enough to talk about him, neither at broadcasting nor at basketball.

Now, as previously reported, the arch enemies have teamed up for a TV show. Both Barkley and Green are part of the panel on TNT’s new show “The Arena,” that debuted last night.

The feud of the two obviously was a topic on the show, and it turns out that Charles Barkley actually likes Draymond Green:


“I respect him, and I’ve said it many times; I like Draymond Green! I do. He does annoy me at times on the court… cause you’ve got to ask him has he ever committed a foul?”


When Green was asked about Barkley in return, he also addressed the beef between him and Chuck, while going into detail:


“My feelings really came up on ‘All The Smoke’. Like I said on there, he [Barkley] is a black and I respect him. The issue that I’ve had is… a lot of people watch the game of basketball, and they don’t know what they’re looking at. When they look at Chuck or at different guys who have that platform, they take what you’re saying and they listen to that, and they run with that. And so as for me, it hasn’t necessary affected my pockets, but there are a lot of guys in this league, that people run with what guys say on these platforms, and it affects guys’ pockets. That’s the issue that I’ve had. We’ve been able to win, I’ve had a good career, it hasn’t affected my pockets, but similar to like JaVale McGee who came out with Shaq and said that it was ‘altering my career’.  I think that’s what we have to understand, and when I said on ‘All The Smoke’, as a black man, you gotta support the next black man. You can’t keep putting the next black man down. I understand that there’s a job to do. But also, I’ve done too many great things in this league and won a lot to hear some of the stuff he be saying about me, and that’s where I had the issue.”


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