Chandler Parsons Says LeBron James Is The Best Player Of All-Time If He Wins His Fifth NBA Championship

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY Network


When talking about the best player of all-time, one player that fits the bill is LeBron James. Rightfully so, the NBA icon has put up a storied career with four NBA championships, four Finals MVPs, four league MVPs, 19 All-NBA honors and 19 All-Star selections, among others.

The best thing about it is that LeBron isn’t done yet. This year, the four-time NBA champion is participating in his 12th Conference Finals and has a strong chance to bolster his status if he makes the NBA Finals and wins his fifth NBA championship.

As LeBron inches closer to his goal, former NBA player and current media personality Chandler Parsons now said that the 38-year old Lakers superstar should be considered as the best player of all-time if he happens to win it all.


“Do not let the Lakers win this championship because if he wins this after everything they’ve been through this season, tell me he’s not the best player of all time,” Parsons said. “… My god, if this dude finds a way to knock off the No. 1 seed and then goes and beats Boston (in the NBA Finals)… put an end on the whole debate.”


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