Celtics Trying To Get Both, Gordon Hayward And Paul George

Celtics Trying To Get Both, Gordon Hayward And Paul George


This year’s summer started off with a couple of huge trades, that were somewhat unexpected. Dwight Howard was traded to the Charlotte Hornets, and Jimmy Butler was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves. But ever since, it has kind of cooled down, when it comes to trades, but not when it comes to rumors.

There is no person who I trust more when it comes to information concerning trades and free agent signings than Adrian Wojnarowski.

According to Woj, the Celtics are trying to acquire both Gordon Hayward and Paul George in the coming weeks. Hayward as a free agent signing, George via trade.

Via The Vertical:


The Boston Celtics are pursuing an aggressive summer plan of sequencing the signing of free agent Gordon Hayward and relinquishing the assets needed to complete a trade for Paul George, league sources told The Vertical.

For salary-cap purposes, Boston wants a Hayward commitment before it can finalize a trade for George and secure the most dynamic free-agent coup in franchise history, league sources said.

For Boston, here’s the hitch: While Indiana believes Boston can offer the best possible package, the Pacers may be unwilling to wait until the start of July free agency on Boston’s timetable and could turn toward making a deal elsewhere for George, league sources told The Vertical.


Both of them would be great fits for the Celtics, and could possibly be the final two pieces for Boston to become a real-time contender. As crazy as signing both may sound, we’ve learned to never rule out Danny Ainge, who has been a great general manager in the last decade.

A team of Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Paul George and Al Horford would certainly be interesting to watch.

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