Celtics’ Big 3 Bet ‘Rolls-Royces’ In Card Games While On Team Plane

Photo Credit: jerseygirlsports.com

Celtics’ Big 3 Bet ‘Rolls-Royces’ In Card Games While On Team Plane


The Boston Celtics are the most succesful team in history, when it comes to titles. But for quite some time, these succesful day were in the past. You see, before the Celtics acquired Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett in a pair of blockbuster trades in 2007, Boston had gone 21 years without an appearance in the Finals.

Then, Allen and Garnett joined Paul Pierce and an up and coming point guard in Rajon Rondo to build a Big 3 (later, a Big 4).

The three formed a bond and became one of the most feared teams. On the court (winning the title in 2008) and off the court. Gilbert Arenas spoke with Jon Gold of The Action Network and revealed how the three were feared in the card game “Booray” which is loved by NBA players, simply because the were betting too much!


“The game is the basketball court. It’s the practice gym. I’ve heard that those Celtics teams, with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, those guys were betting Rolls-Royces on a plane. There’s nothing fun about that. Those guys are trying to ruin you. It’s like putting Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Floyd Mayweather on a gambling table. That’s not about money. They have money. They’re trying to fuck you up. They’re trying to make you hurt.”



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