Caron Butler’s Amazing Untold Kobe Bryant Story

Photo Credit: Ann Heisenfelt / Associated Press

Caron Butler’s Amazing Untold Kobe Bryant Story


We all know about Kobe Bryant’s incredible Mamba Mentality, and we’ve heard numerous stories about it.

But it really is nice to hear a Kobe story that hasn’t been told before. This is was Caron Butler did during his appearance on the ‘Long Shot Pod’, and it is a great one.


“I’ve never told this story. We was in Charlotte, and we was in the huddle, and he was like, the game was tied, there was only four seconds, three seconds on the shot clock. Rudy T drawing up all type of sh*t on the board, and he wiped it off again, and Kobe said, ‘F**k that. Just give me the ball right here.’ He was like, ‘Whoever want to take the ball out going to be part of history.’ And Lamar was like, ‘I want to be part history.’ He threw that sh*t in, man. Kobe hit the shot, blouses, game.”


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