Can The Real MVP Please Stand Up?



Can The Real MVP Please Stand Up?

The baby-faced Assassin


While there are multiple candidates up for MVP consideration, Curry is most likely to win the award. The 28 year old point guard from the Golden State Warriors is having his best season yet. He’s leading the league in points and 3 pointers made while also chasing the historical 73 wins to beat the 95-96’ bulls record. As the best player on the best NBA team, it’s Gongfu Tea Cup
hard to imagine he won’t win it.  Curry seems to be in for the long run and probably the 2016 MVP won’t be the last award he’ll win.



The triple-double Monster


Just like last season, march was a career month for Russell Westbrook. He had no less than 7 triple doubles, which tied the record of MJ for most triple doubles in a month. He has 17 triple doubles for the season, the most since Magic had the same amount in 88’-89’. Westbrook really does know how to pass, how to score and how to grab boards. He’s one of the fastest guys in the league and forms a deadly duo with Kevin Durant. Having clinched the third seed means that Westbrook is actually up for MVP considerations. He might get a few votes over Curry, but maybe next year Westbrook has a bigger chance at getting the trophy.



The All-Star Snub


The V in MVP stands for valuable, that could be Lillard’s middle name. Losing Aldridge to the Spurs, Lopez to the Knicks and Batum to the Hornets, the Blazers were projected to end with one of the worst records in the league. But Lillard proved everyone wrong and with the help of CJ McCollum, who should win MIP, his Blazers made the playoffs nontheless. Despite his amazing effort and jaw dropping stats, Lillard wasn’t named an All-Star this season. This resulted in a lot of discussions amongst NBA fans. Lillard has very little chance to actually win the award but I’d love him to get at least one vote, because this fella was straight up amazing this season.



Count to Five


We all know who currently has the most MVP’s in the NBA, some small forward called Lebron James. If Lebron James got his fifth, he’d have as many as the great Michael Jordan. Lebron won his last MVP award in 2013 and ever since has never been far off getting another one. Out of Cleveland’s ‘big three’, he’s by far the best player. He does everything from scoring to rebounding and he’s even known for his high assist rate. James seems more focused to winning his third ring and his first with Cleveland. He knows he has already proven himself as an individual and now wants to give back to his team. James also made his way to the 11th spot on the all time scoring list passing players like West, Garnett, Wilkins and Robertson along the way. This incredible performance should give him at least a few votes in the MVP battle.



The Slim Reaper


Another forward who’s in the race for winning another MVP is Kevin Durant. Being the real MVP in 2014 (or was it his mother?), he saw Curry win the award last season while he was injured. Kevin is back and is balling like his life depends on it. He and Westbrook are looking to beat the Warriors and Spurs in the playoffs and make their way to the finals to finally get their first ring. KD has been averaging 28 points for the season and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. He’ll be a free agent this off-season and will have a hard decision to make. But no matter where he will play next season, the entire league already knows that the Slim Reaper is back.



Honorable mentions: Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul, Isaiah Thomas, Paul George, Kemba Walker, Kyle Lowry

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