Buddy Hield’s Embarrassing All-Star Story

Photo Credit: Mark J. Terrill, Associated Press

Buddy Hield’s Embarrassing All-Star Story


Sacramento Kings sophmore Budd Hield was part of the Taco Bell Skills Challenge and the Rising Stars Challenge during this year’s All-Star weekend.

Just like every other participant of an All-Star event, Buddy Hield also was put up for media. That’s where things got embarrassing for Hield. Sports Illustrated’s Ben Golliver had the story on his Open Floor podcast. It’s one of the saddest stories I’ve heard in a while. Poor buddy!


“This is just going to sound like I’m just ripping Buddy Hield to shreds here. During the practice availability, they had the guys come in in shifts, so all the Saturday night guys came in as the first shift, and then Team LeBron was coming in as the second shift….

They had 12 numbered stations set up for all the guys, so Buddy Hield was set up to be at the No.4 station – and for whatever reason, this huge swarm of media members start surrounding Buddy Hield for his talk…

There’s like two or three questions about, ‘OK, you’re going to be in the skills challenge, tell us about it, whatever’. And then, pretty much it just goes silent. It’s supposed to be like a 15, 20-minute interview session.

He’s looking around like, ‘Are you guys all shy, what’s wrong with you reporters? Why aren’t you asking me any questions?’ He’s literally saying this out loud, he’s like looking to his PR guy for help…

And finally, one of the reporters is like, ‘Dude, LeBron’s going to talk here in about 45 minutes at the same station, so we’re just standing here waiting for LeBron’…

And the look on Buddy Hield’s face was just like of realisation – the recognition was just so painful.”

Transcript via FOX Sports


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