Brian Windhorst Absolute Destroyed Luka Doncic Post Game 3: “His Performance Is Unacceptable”


In the aftermath of the Dallas Mavericks’ pivotal Game 3 loss to the Boston Celtics, NBA insider Brian Windhorst did not mince words in his assessment of Luka Doncic’s performance. The Mavericks’ star, who fouled out with a crucial four minutes remaining, became the focal point of Windhorst’s fiery critique.

The Celtics managed to stave off a late Mavericks rally to secure a 106-99 victory, but it was Doncic’s actions and attitude that drew Windhorst’s ire. Describing Doncic’s defensive efforts as “unacceptable,” Windhorst highlighted how the Slovenian superstar’s behavior, particularly towards the officials, was detrimental to his team.

Luka Doncic’s visible frustration throughout the game culminated in his ejection, which Windhorst saw as a symbol of his inability to lead Dallas to an NBA title. In a brutal takedown on ESPN, Windhorst pointed out that Doncic’s complaints and lack of defensive accountability were costing the Mavericks dearly.


“He is a brilliant player, he does so many things well, they are here because of how he did. His performance in this game is unacceptable and the reason the Mavericks are not going to win. He has got to get over this,” Windhorst stated, emphasizing the need for Doncic to learn from these Finals.



As the Mavericks face a daunting 0-3 deficit in the series, the spotlight is firmly on Doncic to adjust his approach. Windhorst’s comments serve as a stark reminder that talent alone is not enough to secure an NBA championship—it requires leadership, composure, and a team-first mentality.

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