Brandon Roy Was Shot In The Leg While Shielding Kids In LA Shooting

Photo Credit: Bruce Ely/The Oregonian

Brandon Roy Was Shot In The Leg While Shielding Kids In L.A Shooting


Former Portland Trailblazer and NBA All-Star Brandon Roy was shot in the leg outside his grandmother’s house in the Los Angeles Area. The shooting may have been a gang related shooting.

According to USA TODAY Sport’s  Sam Amick and his source,


‘someone opened fire randomly outside his grandmother’s house, and he was shielding some of the kids who were there.’


Brandon Roy was treated in a Southern Californian hospital, but was released and already returned to Washinton for his recovery.


The Portland Trail Blazers have also released a statement about the incident:


“Like many others, we’re just learning of the injury suffered by former Trail Blazers player Brandon Roy in a shooting over the weekend in California. According to those reports, Brandon was wounded as a bystander, but is expected to recover. Our thoughts and prayers are with Brandon and his family during this time.”


Roy was forced to step away from the game of basketball in 2013 after continuous injuries to his knees, but has come back to the basketball court this year fulfilling a different position on a team.

The three-time NBA All-Star is now the head coach of Seattle’s Nathan Hale High School basketball team and has turned the team around, to say the least.


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