Boston Celtics Had Amazingly Petty Victory Cigars With Tribute To Doubters


The Boston Celtics are celebrating their 18th championship in style, and they haven’t forgotten who doubted them along the way. Their championship parade featured a playful (and perhaps slightly petty) detail – custom victory cigars with a special message for their doubters.

These victory cigars, the same type Red Auerbach would puff, contained a printed message featuring a quote from a sports analyst or media personality who had questioned the Celtics’ championship chances throughout the season.



Photos circulating online show the cigars emblazoned with phrases like “East is Wide Open – Stephen A. Smith,” or “Don’t Overpay Tatum – Anonymous Analyst.” Each quote is then followed by a simple yet satisfying: “World Champions.”

This playful jab at the Celtics’ doubters has ignited a firestorm of reactions. Fans are loving the team’s swagger and their willingness to remind everyone who picked against them.

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