Boston Celtics Drop Epic “We Kept Receipts” Victory Lap On Social Media


The Boston Celtics are NBA champions once again, and they’re not letting anyone forget the doubters. Following their hard-fought victory over the Dallas Mavericks in the 2024 Finals, the Celtics unleashed a social media masterpiece – a compilation video titled “We Kept Receipts.”

The video, posted across all their platforms, is a glorious victory lap filled with clips from throughout the season. It features snippets of analysts and media personalities questioning the Celtics’ championship chances, focusing on their perceived weaknesses or downplaying their potential. Each clip is followed by a satisfying counterpoint: a highlight of the Celtics shutting down their doubters.



The video quickly went viral, generating a frenzy of reactions. Celtics fans reveled in the schadenfreude, celebrating the team’s comeuppance. Neutral observers applauded the clever editing and the team’s swagger. Critics, well, they found themselves on the receiving end of a well-deserved dunk by the newly crowned champions.

This victory lap isn’t just about gloating, though. It’s a statement. The Celtics, a team built around a young core and a strong coaching staff, used the doubters’ words as fuel. They proved that hard work, talent, and a chip on their shoulder can lead to championship glory.

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