Blake Griffin Had To Learn About The Clippers’ True Colors The Hard Way

Credit: Aaron Gash / Associated Press

Blake Griffin Had To Learn About The Clippers’ True Colors The Hard Way


After the Los Angeles Clippers promised the world to Blake Griffin this past offseason when signing him to a max contract, they traded their superstar to the Detroit Pistons midseason and out of the blue.

Loyalty goes both ways, and in today’s NBA even trying to be loyal to a team seems impossible. We’ve seen it with Isaiah Thomas this past summer and got another reminder with the Blake Griffin trade. The worst part about Griffin’s trade though is that he wasn’t even notified by his team and found out on Twitter.

Blake Griffin left the Clippers ranking 2nd in scoring, 3rd in rebounding and 5th in steals in franchise history. Such a dedicated and important player has to find out he was traded after 8 years with the team on social media? That’s just low.

Griffin though gracefully accepted it, understanding that the NBA is a business. But he also says that this shows the Clippers’ true colors:


“You always hear guys say that, ‘Basketball is a business,’ and all that. It’s so much different when you have had a relationship with a certain amount of people for so long and been at a place for so long. Someone always promises you this is what we are doing and six months later …

It shows people’s true colors. Other than that, at the end of the day, you have to realize it’s a business.”

Via Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated.



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